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Be your own tour guide on the backroads!

Welcome to Amish Country; Holmes County, Ohio.

Whether you are a seasoned visitor or visiting for the first time, chances are you want to have a memorable experience.  Perhaps you will see a cluster of buggies parked in an open field and wonder what occasion brings them together. You may be visiting on a day when a local benefit auction is being held and marvel at elevated seas of bonnets and straw hats.  Whatever the wow factor may be, I want you to experience Holmes County like never before.

After 27 years (as of 2018),of offering educational backroad tours of our area, visitors encouraged me to design a drive it yourself tour packet that gives them freedom to tour the backroads on their own.  In July 2015, "A Taste of the Backroads" became reality.  The packet is a one of a kind tool which navigates you on 3 unique 27 mile scenic backroad routes.  The packets are designed without advertisements, but rather turn by turn instructions on how to get lost without actually getting lost.  Using your odeometer, (you wont need a GPS or Siri) you are instructed on the departure location of each tour and where to set your location to "0".  From that point on, not only will you see Amish Country without the roadside clutter, you will learn about the culture as you read along and know what you are looking at.  Photos accompany the route in conjuction to the mile markers.  You will be a pro!

This allows you to add "A Taste of the Backroads"  into your itinerary at your own leisure.  Feel welcome to stop along the roads, take photos of the scenery or farmer in the fields.

If you are looking for off the beaten path businesses, you are sure to be able to identify the furniture, baskets, and quilt shops on the route.

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